Benefits of Sacred Feminine Academy

Gain Intuitive Direction

Learn different ways to unlock your natural gifts. This will help you connect to your intuition and fully trust yourself

Heal through Shadow Work

Go to the depths of your shadow self to uncover what holds you back from stepping into your innate wisdom

Receive Guidance & Community

Each course is designed to guide you to walk your TRUEST path of alignment to reveal your life's purpose 

"As women we have forgotten who we are, we have denied ourselves the birth rite of our feminine power, we have lost the ancient wisdom of our bodies, our soul, our energetic gifts."


-Daniele Della Valle-

Sacred Feminine Academy Programs

An online community built for like minded women to learn about energy healing, spirituality, and entrepreneurship

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A 6 week masterclass for women on the beginning of their spiritual journey who don't know where to start

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This 12 week private mentorship is designed to help you find clarity and purpose in your life and work

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"Daniele changed my life. She has the incredible gift of seeing your soul; helping you uncover your potential and giving you the strength to act upon it. She cuts through the superficial and goes deep to help you understand what's holding you back. Daniele gave me the confidence and sense of self-worth I was missing. Because of her, not only do I have a thriving career I love but I understand myself in a way I never thought possible. I am so grateful for everything Daniele taught me and I feel fortunate to have found her mentorship when I did... Thank you, Daniele, for seeing me!"

Riyana Rupani

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